Mentorpreneur Program

Mentorpreneur Program

We have created the Mentorpreneur program to support entrepreneurs with continued growth and sustainability.

We see a lot of startup programs (designed to take an idea and turn it into a business) happening in Nunavut but we see very few support programs once the startup program is over.

Where do you go when you have a question or dilemna? When you need advice or even an ear to listen?

Wouldn’t it be nice to reach out to someone and ask for some feedback on your idea, problem or inspiration?

That is where Mentorpreneur comes in. The entrepreneur gets:

**valuable business advice

***to learn from the experience of a seasoned professional

****to meet someone new and grow your network

***** to gain confidence from having someone in your corner that is unbiased and only wants to see you succeed 

Mentorpreneur is available across Nunavut to anyone that is starting a business or already running a business.

Contact us to find out how you can get started!


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