Ikajuqtuq specializes in helping you create a safer workplace. We provide workplace health and safety programs tailored to your business, training and consulting to all industries and working environments.

From program writing to safety consulting and training Ikajuqtuq has the experience to help you to understand the current safety standards and legislation in Nunavut.

We are a WSCC approved course provider of the Supervisor Safety Familiarization course. Check our calendar for the next course dates.

Why bother?

The main goal of safety and health programs is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths, as well as the suffering and financial hardship these events can cause for workers, their families, and employers.  Programs also help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, improve compliance with laws and regulations.

There is no industry, business or government that is exempt from the safety act and regulations.

Don’t be caught without an effective program in place.



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