About Us

                                      Ikajuqtuq is a Nunavut company lead by Robynn Pavia.                                                  Robynn moved to Nunavut in 2017 and after a very short                                              period of time realized that there was some opportunity in                                          her favorite subject; business. 

Robynn graduated from business school in 1995 with a major in Marketing and has had her hands in all facets of running a business since. 

In 1999 she ventured into her own business as a sales agent for a wholesale company and the rest is history.

In 2006 she and her partner started the second largest industrial cleaning company in Fort McMurray. With 11 employees working 365 days a year cleaning over 100,000 sq ft per day they were very busy.

In 2011 Robynn went back to college to learn graphic and web design.

There have been some smaller companies along the way and there have been many learning opportunities.

Moving to Nunavut meant selling her last business to a family that continues to love it in it’s new format.

With all the opportunity Nunavut has, Robynn decided to create Ikajuqtuq. This company was designed to help business owners, nonprofits and entrepreneurs with some of the skills she has.

Robynn is currently the President of the Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce.